How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are an embarassing and often painful problem to endure. They can make sitting for long periods nearly unbearable, and cause itching and burning, which makes for extreme discomfort in what seems like the most inconvenient times. So, how can you help your body heal itself and get rid of them for good?

Often thought of as a symptom of pregnancy and excess weight, hemorrhoids are actually formed a lot more easily than some may think. Bearing excessive weight incorrectly can strain you in all the wrong places faster than you think, and the likelihood hemorrhoids will form by moving heavy objects, extreme and prolonged constipation and general physical strain becomes much greater with age, as our bodies tend to weaken and become more susceptible to “bend and break”.

A hemorrhoid, by definition, is “an itching or painful mass of dilated veins in swollen anal tissue.” There are several ways you can relieve the physical discomfort of hemorrhoids – getting rid of them is a different story. You can relieve the pain and discomfort by practicing the following:

1.) The use of soothing “astringent” herbs topically directly on the affected area. Astringent herbs have an uncanny ability to help tighten and tone loose tissue, which is essentially what a hemorrhoid is, as well as to stop bleeding and help promote a soothing and cooling effect on contact. These astringent herbs can be found in some top shelf herbal hemorrhoid compounds. These herbs are also known to help strengthen blood vessels and keep vericose veins in check.

2.) Get up and move. Inactivity is one of the worst things for hemorrhoids.

3.) Stay regular. Eat your fiber to avoid constipation.

Now, how can you actually get rid of hemorrhoids, not just relieve the inconvenience and discomfort of the symptoms?

1.) In the most extreme and stubborn cases, surgery is one way to go.

2.) If you don’t need surgery, you should be able to treat your hemorrhoids with a good natural hemorrhoid remedy that is specially formulated to get rid of hemorrhoids beginning internally, at the source of the problem. You will definitely feel and see a good oral remedy working pretty quickly. An oral remedy should contain some of the ingredients about to be discussed – the more it contains, the better, as these natural ingredients are the key to healing and eradicating your problem by targeting swelling, inflammation and poor vein health and circulation internally.

Ingredients in a natural hemorrhoid remedy may include:

1.) Vitamin E – The antioxidant action of this vitamin protects against further free radical damage and helps to quell inflammation internally.

2.) Horse Chestnut – This herbal ingredient helps to strengthen and tone veins and alleviate swelling.

3.) L-Arginine – Helps relax muscles and prevent muscle spasms.

4.) Oat Straw – Raises energy levels, acts as a mild antidepressant and supports an overly stressed digestive system by promoting regularity.

5.) Plantain – Relieves itching and burning.

6.) Red Sage – A Chinese herb used for stimulation of circulation. Lack of circulation causes and prolongs the severity of hemorrhoids.

There are other herbs, vitamins, minerals and natural compounds that may be used to help get rid of hemorrhoids, but those previously mentioned are some of the key players in hemorrhoid treatment. Finding yourself the right hemorrhoid remedy will definitely lead you to freedom from discomfort and pain – for good.

Visit How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids for more information on an effective alternative to long term relief and treatment of hemorrhoids. Danna Schneider is the founder of Herbal-Therapeutics Effective Herbal Remedies.


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