Home Treatment Of Hemorrhoids

There are various home treatment of hemorrhoids available. Hemorrhoids is caused by pressure forced upon the anus or the rectum. It is usually caused by constipation and remain seated for long periods of time. Over time, it causes stress on the rectum area and causes veins to bulge.

A couple of symptoms of hemorrhoids are itching and a burning sensation or a sharp pain in the rectum area. While hemorrhoids are not life-threatening, it can be extremely uncomfortable for the person to bear and they don’t go away on their own. If it is serious, consult a doctor immediately before it escalates into more serious complications.

Here are a couple of home treatment of Hemorrhoids that can help relieve the pain

Horse chestnut is one of the most common home treatment of Hemorrhoids and can help to increase blood flow and decrease swelling. It can also prevent prolapse of hemorrhoids.

If you have kidney or liver ailments, then it is best to avoid eating horse chestnut.

Another popular home treatment of Hemorrhoids is mixture of equal parts Lobelia extract, Baptisia extract and zinc sulfate with water. Mix them well and it is a good remedy for hemorrhoids. It can stop itching as well.

Another effective home remedy for hemorrhoids is thermotherapy. It should be performed at least 2 to 4 times a week and can help to stop bleeding and itching. It is important to seek a doctor’s opinion before trying out any home treatment for hemorrhoids as there have been cases reported where people are allergic to various natural ingredients such as horse chestnut.

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