Is Sclerotherapy Safe?

Sclerotherapy is a safe and proven procedure with very few significant risks. However, it is important for anyone considering sclerotherapy to know that while complications are quite unlikely, they are a possibility. The most common complication of sclerotherapy is hyperpigmentation. Within a few weeks after treatment, some patients develop a brownish discoloration on the treated area. Usually, this disappears within 6-12 months although in some rare cases, the discoloration persists for more than a year.

Matting or blushing around the injection site occurs to a few patients within weeks after surgery. This can be characterized by new, tiny blood vessels but they are often resolved within three to 12 months without further treatment. Also, a small scab may develop at the injection site if any of the solution escapes from the blood vessels. This can be easily treated, however, with an antibiotic ointment. There is little risk of infection or bleeding form sclerotherapy.

You may go back to your regular daily activities immediately after the treatment. Walking and wearing heavy compression stockings to support treated vessels are recommended.

To optimize results and sclerotherapy and minimize risks of complications, it is recommended that you visit a trusted cosmetic clinic that specializes in the treatment of vein disorders. Ensure that those performing the treatment are providers who have undergone extensive training. Also, strictly follow post-treatment instructions. Finally, fully understand your family history and pre-treatment evaluation to prevent, recognize and treat complications should they occur.

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