Finding the right treatment option for spider veins and varicose veins is one of the easier medical treatments to seek out within the growing vein treatment field. Laser technology is one of the more popular treatment options and is becoming increasingly easy to find at local vein clinics.

Laser treatment spider veins is a growing trend in spider vein therapy that does not appear to be leaving. The treatment involves the use of laser technology and Bryn Mawr vein clinics offer patients the options to remove unwanted and painful veins which cause insecurities and pain. Laser treatment usually involves localized anesthesia which is then following by a small incision so that a Bryn Mawr vein doctor can access the vein beneath the skin. New ultrasound technologies and lighting technologies help vein doctors to locate the vein beneath the skin and to follow its entire path. This aids in deciding which vein is the “feeder” vein, or the vein which is feeding blood into the undesired veins. Once this is established, vein doctors are able to insert the laser which is used to close the vein.

After laser treatment spider veins is performed, the patient can usually leave and return to everyday activities. The area may be red, swollen, and bruised, and bruising may worsen over the next few days. Over time these side effects subside and a repeat visit may be necessary to remove any unwanted blood which is causing bruising beneath the skin after the vein was closed. The entire procedure usually takes under an hour and is considered an out patient procedure which allows patients the freedom to leave after. No hospital stays are necessary and the treatment is minimally invasive. This makes laser treatment spider veins a viable option for those seeking a Bryn Mawr vein clinic or Pennsylvania vein doctor.

Another important thing to remember is that any medical treatment has benefits and risks that must be considered and understood prior to treatment starts. It is a good idea to find a vein doctor you can trust and that you feel comfortable with. Asking plenty of questions is key and understanding the treatment’s side effects is also important. Furthermore, most health insurance providers do not cover the cost of laser treatment spider veins no matter how painful they may be. It is important then to discuss the financial commitment that goes hand in hand with treatment.

Though laser vein treatment eliminates unwanted veins, it is important to remember that Bryn Mawr vein doctors cannot guarantee the prevention of unsightly veins recurring in different areas. There are certain preventative measures that can be considered to help keep unsightly veins from your skin. One involves maintaining a healthy weight and staying committed to a regular fitness routine which involves daily or weekly exercise. This is key to keep the heart healthy and it thus promotes venous health and good circulation. Also, eating healthy and preventing undue pressure on the legs is a good start to maintaining strong veins.

By Beth Ortiz

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