Leg ulcers may be due to problems with the arteries supplying blood to the leg or other conditions, such as diabetes. Venous ulcers are a sign of very weak blood flow in the veins that drain blood from the skin.

This species of ulcer occasions a swollen or enlarged condition of the neighboring veins, which are very much enfeebled. It almost invariably appears below the knee, and may be either indolent or irritable. It is generally sensitive to the touch, and sometimes excessively painful. Knots of superficial veins may often be seen beneath the skin.

These various species of ulcers are merely modifications of one form of chronic sore. The patient may assert that he enjoys excellent health, but if we question him closely, we find that the sore irritates him, and that there is sufficient constitutional disturbance to prevent the healing powers of nature from effecting a cure.

The ulcers are often very painful. They can bleed and get infected.

Treatment of venous ulcers
For people who have problems with the veins, treatment with a special form of bandaging to improve the blood flow may be needed. Surgery to remove incompetent veins may also be an option.